Vehicle designed in Solid Edge will make road work safer

The Environmental Multi Terrain Wheeler, abbreviated EMTW, can climb over road rails and keep the driver sitting horizontally even when the chassi has a 20 degree lateral tilt. Thanks to its design, it can work alongside crowded roads and railways with maintenance and rescue work while keeping its drivers safe. In addition, it can carry a variety of tools for a number of purposes. EMTW is designed by NEXTAGE’s customer EMTW Production AB and MMD Sweden AB using Solid Edge CAD.

The development of EMTW was initiated after a research project discovered that there is a demand for safer and more efficient road machines. Today, EMTW Production AB is in an exciting phase of building a pre-series of the machine. To interest additional investors and show the potential of the vehicle, their design engineer has created renderings in Solid Edge that show what EMTW would be capable of as a maintenance, rescue and firefighting vehicle.

A presentation of a prototype EMTW took place on September 12 in Tylösand. To learn more, contact Wictor Andersson, CEO, at, or visit their website (in Swedish).

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