Backbone of Change Management

16 NOV

The Role of Training as the backbone of Change Management

In school, we were updated with the latest information about technology, development and trends in the world economy on a daily basis. After starting to work at a company, many of us no longer actively keep our knowledge up to date. Perhaps we don’t consider further training valuable to us,  or perhaps we just cannot find the time. I strongly believe we must change this mindset. We are living in a century of change, and it’s crucial that we all commit ourselves to lifelong learning, otherwise our skills will soon be outdated and we will not be able work at the level expected from us.

At NEXTAGE we have seen how important training is for successful projects. We deliver 3D CAD systems, PLM solutions, manufacturing solutions and important elements for digitalisation. If our customers choose not to educate their employees in the processes, approaches and methods attached to the modern way of working supported by the new system, they might miss out on expected business benefits from the investment.

I see education / training as a continuous Change Management process. Therefore, we must see beyond only training people on how to implement the systems, and how to use them. That's not enough. We need to be able to explain why there is a need for starting to use the new systems, what the expected benefits are, and how the changes will influence employee's daily work. Perhaps most importantly; we must educate employees to use the systems as a part of the new processes. 

We make sure time is invested early on in the projects to understand which training is needed to ensure that expected business benefits are reached. The bottom line is it’s the processes that should dictate how education is outlined and performed, not the systems. In addition, we all have different ways of learning. At NEXTAGE we acknowledge this, and are aware of the need of specific training both regarding individual working roles and company specific issues. 

We are happy to tell you more about the holistic view we have while delivering systems for smart products, smart production and smart assets.

Tapio Juurakko, CEO, NEXTAGE Group

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Tapio Juurakko, CEO, NEXTAGE Group

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