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23 OCT

Why get lost in WANTS, when we should focus on NEEDS?

We hear and read daily about IT projects that are taking longer time and turning more expensive than originally planned or estimated. To be perfectly honest; we at NEXTAGE have experienced this too, in our own deliveries. I even think we have encountered many of the “never seen before” problems, sometimes more than once in a single project. As challenging as this may be; there are lessons to learn from those projects that have given us a deep understanding of how to work proactively to limit or even eliminate the factors that cause those problems.

Of course, every project has its own circumstances, but, if I try to simplify a little, I see two major mistakes made when a project fails to be as successful as it should be:

  • When the supplier and customer do not have a common understanding of the end result, there will inevitably be numerous problems causing confusion and delays.
  • When the customer focuses on what they WANT to have, and the supplier does not guide them into thinking about what they NEED to have to quickly create a solid platform to develop from.

At NEXTAGE, we avoid making these common mistakes by building a business case for the project early in the process, in order to identify the real NEEDS of the organisation. This process also aims at getting the customers to question their existing work processes and evaluate other more efficient ways of working. We do not wish to replace one system with another built exactly the same way as the last one.

We believe that if a customer talks about what they WANT and the supplier tries to fulfil this at all costs, the project will not be successful no matter which system the customer implements. If the supplier is able to move the customer to NEED mode, it is easier to reach the common target faster. Focusing on NEEDS is what helps organisations to establish a new way of doing business.

NEXTAGE has been working hard to make sure that we are really focused on NEEDS. We have created The Nextage Operational Model. It includes three major phases that contain standard elements based on the NEXTAGE Value Packages. The delivery is standardised and ensures high quality and fast return on investment.

What about all your WANT to have features? Yes, of course you can have them as well, in step 2. 

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Written by: Tapio Juurakko, CEO, NEXTAGE Group

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Tapio Juurakko, CEO, NEXTAGE Group

PLM, Strategy