Integrate your virtual product data and get intelligence

07 MAR

Integrate your virtual product data and get intelligence

We can divide Smart Product Data creation into three areas, all large ones.

1. Smart Product
2. Smart Production
3. Smart Asset

Many companies have invested in all three areas, but they have often not yet invested in connecting and integrating those platforms. One reason is that when the companies started to invest, only point solutions was available and the related issues were left unhandled. In addition, some of the early adopters had to build their own, or implement very customized, high maintenance solutions.

Today’s situation has improved, yet many companies struggle with the complexity on how to connect these areas to prevent double work, achieve higher quality, and make revisions less  expensive. 

To ease the complexity NEXTAGE delivers a PLM solution that is preconfigured with standardised work processes and infrastructure. The solution handles data created from all three areas. It can manage the data in one and the same product structure. This gives you a complete overview of your products, production lines and product assets, from which you can draw intelligence and improve your product development and manufacturing. The solution is based on Teamcenter, a proven PLM system from Siemens PLM Software.

With Teamcenter and NEXTAGE you can begin working with PLM in a high quality and standardised manner, fast. As new requirements emerge and your company grows, there is extended functionality in Teamcenter to take advantage of, and NEXTAGE  support your organisation in finding and focusing on the right NEEDs and deploy the solution.

To support our customers in the most efficient manner NEXTAGE have developed specific packages that include software, partner eco-system and knowledge about processes, methods, implementations and change management. You will be up and running quickly and see fast return on investment.

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Tapio Juurakko, CEO, NEXTAGE Group

PLM, CAD, Strategy