NX CAM training by NEXTAGE is very hands-on

04 MAR

At NEXTAGE we recognize that those of our customers that take an NX CAM training wants to ensure that their machines and robots are working according to their needs. 

An onsite training for NX CAM often starts with a tour in the customer’s workshop where we take a look at the machine or machines that will be installed with NX CAM. The important post processor has been prepared so that it is 90 % complete and ready to be implemented after tailored to the customers needs. 

During the first day of the NX CAM course we test machine strategies on the machines so that the customer can see that everything works perfectly. If we find that changes need to be implemented on the postprocessor those are implemented during the evening so that they are ready and proven to work before the course is over. This gives the customer a sense of security. We find that testing of the postprocessor is an important part of the course. 

Allan Steen Andersen is one of the consultants that work with NX CAM at NEXTAGE. He recently helped Swerim, a strategic research and development partner in Sweden to streamline their NX CAM and CAD solution. Part of the project was a CAM training that took place on Swerims’s premises in Kista, Sweden.
“In Swerim's case we were so sure that everything worked fine that we went for lunch while the machine ran a longer 3D NC program.”


Karin Holmberg