PLM can be easy

18 OCT

A friend of mine shared a video on LinkedIn today and I immediately started thinking about PLM-projects and Business Development projects in general. Which I am sure was the intent all along.

Do you recognize the situation from the video (below), where you put your mind to implementing a change, hoping to improve something that is important to you? The scope is clear and doesn’t seem very difficult to achieve. But as you progress you just keep raising more questions, finding more loose ends, discovering one outdated nonfunctional process after the other and never seem to get to the finish line. All the while the scope increases causing delayed schedules and overshot budgets. You feel you are losing the trust of the project stakeholders and have trouble keeping friends with the target user group?

At NEXTAGE we have put a lot of time and effort in developing a project model for implementing PLM that helps avoiding situations like this. We call our model NEXTAGE Value Package and it focuses on delivering standardized solutions to your problems quickly without cutting back on quality.

We are aware of your challenge 

Impossible? No. It’s simple really. We know many of your challenges already. You are not alone to face them. We have encountered them before and we have the experience to help you with them. Because we already have. Our solutions are tested and proven successful. Now we repeat them. That’s how we get you started with PLM; a firmly defined scope targeting your most critical challenges with proven solutions. Fast, standardized and with high quality. Then, if your business is in need of it, we will stay with you as a trusted advisor helping you grow and develop your business toward Digitalization and Industry 4.0.

The difference between our model and others out there is that ours actually works.

If you want to know more about PLM, feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn or any of my colleagues at NEXTAGE.

Or, if you feel that PLM is something you would like to work with we are also interested in hearing from you.

Find the link to the video that triggered this thoughts on my article on LinkedIn.


Tommy Rosberg, Technical Director NEXTAGE

Teamcenter, PLM, Strategy