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26 MAR

Travel journal - Teamcenter training in Nanjing, China.

On Monday Mars 5th, me and my colleague Jan Söderman started our journey towards Nanjing in China. After 17 hours of traveling, we finally touched ground in Nanjing, 5:15 pm local time Tuesday, which shortly after we checked in a hotel recommended by the customer. 

The reason for this long journey to China, was to educate one of our customer’s engineers in Teamcenter, the product lifecycle management solution from Siemens PLM Software. We brought with us a training plan and material that we had, together with the customer in Örebro, developed during the autumn and winter. In total, 63 people signed up for training and were divided into six groups, where my colleague and I held three training sessions each.

The training sessions started on Thursday morning. The language barrier was obvious, but I tried to overcome that by introducing myself and the fact that I am not Chinese, in their native tongue, Mandarin. This lightened the mood and made it easier for the participants to ask questions during the trainings. In addition, we had excellent help from our local contact. Two days of trainings passed quickly.

Chinese people separate their jobs and spare time, so during the weekend we were on our own. We explored the city of Nanjing, that used to be the capital of China for three dynasties, from about year 300 to 1949. During the weekend, we had wonderful spring like weather, it was sunny and 23 degrees, so we took a hike in the park Zhongshan. There were a lot of things to see, and the people of the city were all very welcoming. 

The second week started with new groups and similar to the previous week we had a lot of discussions during the trainings, something we took as a positive sign that the participants were learning and absorbing the material. The four remaining sessions passed quickly and on Friday morning we started to travel home. It took 19 hours to travel to our cold home, Stockholm and we felt one experience richer from this trip.

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Magnus Damgren, PLM Consultant, NEXTAGE

Teamcenter, PLM