Are you using the latest technology?


Your 3D CAD system is the master of your Smart Product

To create the information that’s needed to make informed decisions about your product development, modern tools and approaches are a necessity. 

The development pace of CAD systems has been high during the last years. This means that if your organisation works the same as it did say 5 or 10 years ago, you are missing out on some of the benefits of the latest technology. And you certainly fail to attract the next generation of employees. To avoid being left behind, make sure you use new CAD technology such as Siemens PLM Software’s convergent modelling, 4G Design, additive manufacturing and Synchronous Technology. 

We see that 3D CAD plays a major role in product development. How well it’s used has a profound effect on whether a company can reach its digitalisation targets or not. Major PLM companies realise this, and recently we have seen them invest heavily in this technology by developing new features and acquiring companies that have this technology. It’s not all about ordinary modelling any more, but about becoming an integrated process from basic design to manufacturing, production planning, analysis, lifecycle data, and more. 

If you would like to get the most out of your 3D CAD system as master of Smart Product, we at NEXTAGE are happy to help you. What’s important is not to know all features and functions. It's more important to understand how new technology helps your company become more competitive in the market, where the speed of change is constantly increasing. 

Tapio Juurakko, CEO, NEXTAGE Group

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