Customer data


Your data is safe with us

We aim to maintain high quality in everything we do, including keeping your data updated and safe in our databases.
All customer data is kept safely stored in a CRM system that follow GDPR regulations.

The data we store includes: First name, Last Name, Work title, Work function, Phone number and Email address. We store Company and Company address as well as Meeting notes. We also list a history of products and services that has been purchased or product and services interests. This information ensures that we can communicate with our customers and prospects in a relevant manner.

If a contact ends his or her employment at a specific company we keep that information tagged as Former employed for 2 years after last communication took place, then it is deleted.
At any time, you can request to get access to your data or for it to be permanently deleted from the system by either sending your contact at NEXTAGE an email or to We will confirm shortly after the request.

We handle your data with care and promise to never share your details or interests with any third-party company including partner or sister organisations unless you specifically ask for it.

We encourage all our customers to sign up for Newsletters and Invitations from us. You can unsubscribe at any time. Our aim is to communicate with you at least bi-monthly. 
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