Inspirational innovation


Listing a few of our favorite Siemens PLM Software videos that really inspire innovation. 
Which one is yours?

Drones used to help people

Zipline’s work matters. Not only is the technology really cool, it actually saves lives, with help of NX.

Solar car team - the winning team?

This NX video about a young team that wants to win a race with their solar car brings a smile to our faces.
The team is doing careful simulations in NX to make sure the driver will be safe.

Surfboards - we want to be surfers

Perhaps we like this video because it includes blue ocean and beaches.
In addition to that, this company is creating the next generation surfboards in NX and
we are hoping that perhaps technology will make it easier to learn how to surf.

Energizing innovations

Unity is an electric car developed in Sweden using NX.

Innovation at its core

Our customer EMTW shares the reason their vehicle is being built, what it can do and
how they use Solid Edge Keyshot and FEMAP to visualise it and do calculations.
This combined with a great storyteller, Oscar Jonasson, Design Engineer at EMTW makes it a success.
It’s in Swedish.