Manage Your Virtual Master Data


PLM manages your Virtual Master Data

I recently wrote a blogpost explaining why PLM is the engine of digitalisation. I got lot of interesting feedback from readers, and many of you agreed with me. Some of you, however, questioned whether PLM really plays a role in your company’s road to digitalisation. The answer is yes, simply because PLM will manage your Virtual Master Data.

Now, what is Virtual Master Data and why is it important? 

Virtual Master Data is all digital information that can be used to visualise and improve your product, including foreseeing changes and the effects of those changes. It is basically the information that needs to be in order and easily accessible for your organisation to make informed decisions about your products. 

Virtual Master Data is managed by your PLM system. In addition to your virtual product data, or virtual production data, you can connect other business critical IT systems such as CRM, ERP and MES with it. This means that you have connected your field- and production data and can feed it to your Virtual Master Data. 

Your PLM system is your digitalisation engine, since it handles your Virtual Master Data. We are happy to tell you more about how we have assisted our customers in implementing PLM and creating standardised Visual Master Data environments. 

Written by: Tapio Juurakko, CEO, NEXTAGE Group

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