PLM is the engine of digitalisation


PLM is the engine of digitalisation

Digitalisation is our future. It is not yet clear for anybody how large the scope for digitalisation is, what will be possible to digitalise or how it will change the way we work or the way we do business. What we do know is that it will be a game changer, and that companies need to be prepared.

Implementing a PLM system gives a head start for digitalisation not only for the product development, but also for integrating the entire process from product innovation to customer lifecycle support. When we visit our customers, we see that the manufacturing industry in Sweden and Denmark is taking steps towards digitalisation - important steps to prepare for the future. 

Digitalisation without PLM is like a car without an engine. You can sit in it, and you can enjoy its design, but you cannot really use it. In a world that has become more virtual, tools that can create virtual data such as 3D CAD systems and 3D production planning are crucial. These tools allow you to be innovative and develop your products and your production in a virtual environment. In addition, they can return live data to you both from production and the finished products. This intelligence can then be provided to your end user, or to your own design engineers, in order to improve your products. Systems that can manage virtual data and visualise it are a must, and a PLM system is the engine of that digitalisation.

With PLM, companies can collect and reuse data from delivered solutions to manage new products and make decisions. This makes it simple to create better products for demanding customers. It is becoming increasingly important to have the right data available for the right people at the right time, and a PLM system makes this possible.

PLM is your digitalisation engine. We can deliver it to you quickly, standardised and with high quality. Fill in the form and we will contact you to discuss how you can enhance your productivity using Teamcenter from Siemens PLM Software as your PLM system and your product and production backbone.

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