Smart Products require Smart Tools


Smarter businesses with Smart Products

The products companies produce are more complex than ever. They often contain combined technologies such as mechanics, electronic parts and embedded software. One example of this is your smart phone. Other areas where this is happening are for instance in the production of cars, machinery equipment, and medical devices. To design and manufacture as well as manage, support and develop these Smart Products, as we call them, we need Smart tools.

Smart tools used to design and manufacture Smart products must have the capability to integrate all design disciplines so that the engineers can collaborate and test the products together virtually. Smart products demand smart tools that can handle the complexity of processes where all design disciplines are integrated. It’s crucial to stay competitive in the future. 

To simplify, you can group your tools into three major areas, 
integrated via your Product Data Management, visualisation and reporting:

  • Smart Design/Product (Development cycle of products)
  • Smart Production (Planning and production engineering)
  • Smart Asset (Product Service lifecycle with connection to real-time data feedback)

Companies need to start harmonising tools and choosing integrated solutions which support Smart Products better.

Based on Siemens products, NEXTAGE can deliver the solutions you need for all these areas.

Tapio Juurakko, CEO, NEXTAGE Group

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