Make it easier to handle software and hardware requirements with an ALM-PLM solution

For companies that develop products and devices that contain both hardware and software, it can be challenging to handle mechanical and digital requirements simultaneously. 

An integrated solution for application lifecycle management, ALM, and product lifecycle management, PLM, ensures that requirements of the software and the hardware are taken into consideration through the entire lifecycle.

Siemens PLM Software’s ALM / PLM solution includes bidirectional referencing of software and product requirements. It provides traceability and facilitates changes. Trace links help you manage and control software requirements for your hardware products and vice versa, with accountability and traceability

The integrated ALM / PLM solution helps to ensure that customer demands and government or industry regulations are met, and that changes are implemented without causing unnecessary delays or risks.

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We have teamed up with Taipuva - an ALM expert

Taipuva, an ALM specialist, and NEXTAGE, a PLM expert, have joined forces to offer ALM-PLM solutions.

This collaboration makes sure our customers get the most knowledgeable support when implementing integrated ALM-PLM. 

Taipuva is a Polarion solution partner. Amongst their customers you find Sandvik, DeLaval, Danfoss and Tobii. Learn more about Taipuva at


ALM-PLM integration

Read and download this whitepaper to learn more about Teamcenter and Polarion integration.

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