Realise Digialisation

Realise Digitalisation

Smart Product

In a digital 2D/3D environment, the Smart Product´s design, simulation, staging, plant design and planning is set in collaboration with designers, customers and partners.

The support for collaboration and interaction in the process of creating a new product saves time, limits mistakes, and brings a product faster to the market.

The solutions Siemens PLM Software enable working with Smart Product. NEXTAGE can get your company up and running with predefined work processes to get the most out of your investment fast.

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Smart Production

The amount of information that needs to be visual and managed in the distributed environment within the eco-systems of companies is increasing. Tools in which information can be created and shared with the right co-workers or partners can limit mistakes and fasten time to market.

Tools that support Smart Production are NX, Solid Edge and Teamcenter. NEXTAGE can help you implement your Smart Production solution, standardised, high-quality and fast. 

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Smart Asset

A Smart Asset allows you to create a digital version of individual customer delivery or your own manufacturing / plant plan. Smart assets are the cornerstone of Service Lifecycle Management, and provide the possibility to get a visual and real-time view of your own or your customer’s assets. This can be used to plan maintenance operations, changes to manufacturing and much more. 

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Dynamic Data

To be able to develop and improve products and operations, companies are increasingly collecting data from their own production and delivered customer products. Dynamic Data provides a strategy of how to work with intercollective data and make sure correct information is available at the right time for the right people and not only for traditional information holders in service and production.

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Digitalisation Platform

Building your digitalisation platform is both a great challenge and a great opportunity. Choosing the software that will support your vision with the new platform, implement it and keep it updated is a task that demands a lot of consideration and can help you rethink your business and build something extraordinary. 

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