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NX integrated CAD/CAE/CAM solution

NX is a powerful, integrated solution for design, simulation and manufacturing. Keeping the whole design process in one solution gives a unique overview of the product that facilitates decision making and increases quality throughout the lifecycle.

NX for Design

NX Computer-Aided Design, CAD, solution offers features such as synchronous technology that allows you to work with models created with other CAD systems, convergent modelling, powerful big assembly handling and freeform shaping. In addition, NX CAD is an open CAD system that can stand-alone or be integrated with NX CAE and NX CAM. 

NX for Simulation

NX Computer-Aided Engineering, CAE, includes simulation solutions for structural, thermal, flow, motion, optimization and multiphysics analyses. It is available as a standalone simulation environment but can also be integrated with NX CAD.

NX for Manufacturing

NX Computer-Aided Manufacturing, CAM,  helps you execute across the entire CAD/CAM/CNC process chain, to deliver maximum part manufacturing productivity.

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Tip! If you have worked in other CAD systems but not in NX before we recommend you to take the NX for experienced users course to get faster up to speed with the tool.

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