Solid Edge and NEXTAGE Value Package

Solid Edge is an affordable, easy-to-use product development solution from Siemens Digital Industries.

NVP (NEXTAGE Value Package) is applied knowledge from 15 years of experience working with Solid Edge and offers an extended value for our customers.

How to buy Solid Edge

Solid Edge offers flexible payment options.There are are also special offers for startups, schools and universities. 

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“We use Solid Edge for all new projects. Model creation is at least 40 % faster with Solid Edge."

Lars Strömbäck, CEO, Rotosub

EMTW uses Solid Edge
simulation capabilities to put their vehicle to test.

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Some of the reasons our customers prefer Solid Edge solution over other CAD tools:

  • Excellent sheet metal design tool
  • Faster to create a model
  • Easy to handle complex geometries
  • Excellent user experience
  • Versatile tool
  • Easy to get started with
  • NEXTAGE as a CAD partner and support partner


NP Innovation enjoys the integration between
Solid Edge & Teamcenter Cloud

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Silver & Stål
find designing in Solid Edge twice as fast as other CAD systems

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moved to Solid Edge for its modelling capabilities

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Reduce or limit time consuming tasks and streamline work processes with Solid Edge NVP. 

Solid Edge NVP is a range of solutions developed by NEXTAGE's experienced Solid Edge consultants. The solutions have originally solved real customer challenges and are scalable and standardised to help any company facing similar issues.

Additional services and solutions in Solid Edge NVP include:

  • ERP integrations with Item Data & BOM’s
  • Converting Solid Edge 2D drawings to NC programs
  • Converting and repairing Pro/E 2D drawings to NC programs
  • Advanced prototype generating system for deep drawings tools

What is your CAD challenge? Contact us to discuss how Solid Edge and NEXTAGE can help leverage your product development.

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