Time savings and increased productivity for Geotech with NX CAM and process expertise from Nextage

Engineering firm Geotech provides companies world-wide with innovative geotechnical field investigation equipment, such as drill rigs, CPT and PVT-meters. Starting in 1970, their products are developed, designed and manufactured in Gothenburg, Sweden. 

Jorge Gonzalez is CNC programmer, as well as a milling and welding machine operator at Geotech. As responsible for planning the work on the milling machines, he also works on developing new methods for processing the details Geotech manufactures in milling machines and welds.

With assistance from Nextage, Geotech’s supplier of NX CAM from Siemens Digital Industries, new processes and solutions have been developed which have led to shortened lead times and increased precision in the machines and delivery. 

“Nextage help me increase productivity through smart processes that totally eliminates or essentially cuts time on tasks that used to be very time consuming," says Jorge Gonzalez.


During the spring 2019 Geotech participated in trainings with Nextage where focus was to increase efficiency in the CAM processes using NX CAM. The result are streamlined or automated recurring tasks, and a higher re-use of information about how components should be placed in the machine and what tools should be used. In addition, the administrative handling has decreased drastically with better use of NX CAM.

“Today I use NX CAM on all components, old and new. It gives a substantial time saving on every component. The time saving on each component I would say varies depending on its complexity,” says Jorge Gonzalez.

NX CAM facilitates the work of programming the milling machines. Especially when it comes to complex curved details.

“NX CAM makes it easier to calculate advanced geometries and program the machine to perform them. This is a welcome support, especially when time is limited, which it sometimes is”, says Jorge Gonzalez.

Geotech invests for the future and continuously updates their strategies for sustainability, environment, delivery time and precision. These are crucial challenges to maintain control over for Geotech that has the entire world as their market. NX CAM is a part of the solution.

“Earlier we had limitations in programming possibilities and hence with running the machines when it came to perform advanced details. With NX CAM we see that we can invest in more high-end machines and, instead of sending off components to other workshops, we can manufacture them inhouse”, says Jorge Gonzalez. 

Jorge Gonzalez has been working for Geotech for seven years and thrives with the job which he finds very developing.

“It’s a challenging job. To be creative, self reliable, able to juggle multiple tasks, and perform your best every day, is important. However, I don’t feel any negative stress. You simply do your best when you love what you work with, don’t you?”, says Jorge Gonzalez.


Benefits for Geotech with NX CAM:

  • Substantial time saving on every component manufactured 
  • Easier to calculate advanced geometries
  • Cheaper production
  • Support from Nextage

About Geotech

  • Location: Askim, Gothenburg, Sweden
  • # of employees: around 40
  • Siemens Digital Industries solutions: NX CAM (focus for this text), Solid Edge CAD
  • # of NX CAM users: 1 miller, 3 welders