Quintus' keeps excellent delivery quality supported by Teamcenter PLM

Quintus' processes are what puts Teamcenter PLM ahead

Quintus Technologies with headquarters in Västerås, Sweden, employs about 160 people globally. They are the world leader in high-pressure technology. Quintus is specialised in the design, manufacturing, installation and support of high-pressure systems for sheet metal forming and the densification of advanced materials and critical industrial components. Their systems are sold globally and delivered to customers within industries such as aerospace, automotive, energy and medical implants.

In 2003 Quintus started to use Teamcenter, from Siemens Digital Industries, as their product lifecycle management system. Teamcenter connects all the information about Quintus products with the people in their organisation. 


Malin Erlandsson is Technical Project Manager and Teamcenter Lead at Quintus Technologies. 

What Teamcenter PLM brings us is control and order", says Malin Erlandsson. "The fact that every member of the team works in the same way and follows the same processes with a common customer focus, contributes to Quintus’ success. Working without Teamcenter would be difficult."

The demand for a PLM system originally came from deep within the organisation - from the design engineers. They saw a great advantage in reusing their work in an orderly manner and to be able to release drawings to the purchase department at an early stage in new projects. In addition, they wanted to work in an even more quality-driven way, and have access to detailed reporting.

Quintus’ larger projects can take up to 14 months from order to delivery and mounting. As soon as the right information has been entered into Teamcenter, the right materials can be ordered and the engineers start working. Revision handling, clarity and approval flows for changes are critical to avoid mistakes. The time saved throughout the projects is money in the end, both for the customer and Quintus. Whereas Quintus' products are sold based on superior technology, experience and knowledge, Teamcenter gives control of costs, helps cut lead times and to maintain a high quality.


 We designers are the feeders of information into Teamcenter from NX CAD, says Conny Ruuth, Design Engineer and System Owner CAD at Quintus. “With Teamcenter and NX CAD integration, management can see the structure and vision of the high pressure system from day one when a system is ordered.”

 Our processes are what puts Teamcenter ahead. Teamcenter enables the processes to be quick, smooth, and correct, says Malin Erlandsson.


The information that needs to be added into Teamcenter by the designers can sometimes be more extensive than they wish. Therefore Quintus ensures the education of everyone in the organisation on how valuable the information will be for someone else in the chain. Many decisions throughout Quintus' organisation are made with Teamcenter as the source of knowledge.

The flexibility of Teamcenter is praised by Quintus. Malin finds a good partner invaluable, in order to realise their own visions and obtain ideas for improvements.


 Our setup of Teamcenter is not out of the box - we have tailored it after our needs. To have a partner like Nextage, that knows what we have created when it comes to flows and changes, is invaluable,” says Malin Erlandsson.

Key benefits for Quintus 

  • Cross-organisational solution
  • Consultants get faster up to speed
  • Fewer mistakes
  • Shorter time to market
  • Nextage as a partner

Solution in place

  • Teamcenter 11
  • NX CAD
  • Article handling in modules
  • Revision handling 
  • Approval flows for changes



"For me as a CAD designer it is great to get quick help from Nextage's CAD support.”
Conny Ruuth, Design Engineer Quintus



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