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The students at Mads Clausen Institute use NX, Teamcenter and Tecnomatix to create and test new, innovative products and solution for real production environments

Mads Clausen Institute, MCI, is one of four institutions at the technical faculty of the South Danish University in Sønderborg.

MCI holds an advanced virtual laboratory environment, where they work with automation and robotic technology. They often collaborate with local businesses, amongst them global companies such as Lego, Danfoss and Linak. 

The aim is to give their student the opportunity to create new innovative solutions and products for real production environments. To be able to do this, Mads Clausen Institute uses a range of product development tools from Siemens Digital Industries and Nextage is their partner.

Going for the entire PLM package

Arne Bilberg is leading the Technology Entrepreneurship and Innovation section at MCI, where they work with mechatronics (combined Mechanics and Electronics).

“We do research on new products and new production alternatives in collaboration with Danish businesses, and Nextage’s product portfolio is perfect for this purpose.” 

“We have used NX in our education since the start in 1998 and during the latest years we have put an effort in deploying more of Siemens PLM (Product Lifecycle Management) offering. In our case NX, Teamcenter and Process Simulate from the Technomatix portfolio”, says Arne Bilberg.

Developing digital prototypes

With the solutions from Nextage, CMI can train their students in design, CAD modelling and with Technomatix in the production and manufacturing streams.

“Tecnomatix is a powerful simulation tool, in which we can work with assembling and simulations of products as well as do tests on “digital twins” before we build a prototype. To have a true digital representation of the product and test it virtually before investing in materials and production of a prototype is very valuable for us", says Arne Billberg.

Collaboration with businesses

Another benefit of using NX, Teamcenter and Tecnomatix in their training, is that the companies where many of the students do their assignments use the same tools for design and analysis. The collaborations has led to a number of exciting Ph.D thesis, with positive impact on those businesses. Some examples include optimized production lines and suggestions of better tools for manufacturing. 

“For the assignments to be successful it has been crucial that we have been able to make virtual tests in NX and the modelling tools,” says Arne Bilberg.

Teamcenter provides an overview

MCI are in the process of implementing Teamcenter, which some of their collaboration partners are using. They see it as a platform to connect all the tools, and in which they can collect product and production data, through the entire product lifecycle. 

“Teamcenter is excellent for creating an overview of all phases in the product’s development”, says Arne Bilberg.

Qualified and apreciated help from Nextage

The TEI section at Mads Clausen Institute is at the cutting edge in many areas - including working with the product development tools, something that would be challenging without a good partner.

“It is an extremely important factor for our success to have a partner who understands our needs, and will walk the extra mile to assist us. With Nextage helping us achieve our goals, we don't hesitate to start working with new tools. We can rely on getting fast and qualified help from Nextage”, Arne Bilberg concludes.