SWEP’s well-thought-out digitization of product development and manufacturing is supported by Teamcenter PLM

“Creating more from less energy, materials, and space” is the SWEP company brand promise. They are very successful globally with their soldered plate heat exchangers offering custom heating and cooling solutions of unmatched performance at the lowest life cycle cost. SWEP is defined by innovation power, durability, quality, and efficiency.  

To support the development and manufacture of their products, SWEP has been using Teamcenter since 2008, a powerful PLM system from Siemens Digital Industries Software and Nextage has been their PLM partner since 2012.  

Clear approach where Teamcenter links together and secures all product information 

SWEP has a long-running, well-thought-out and clear approach in Teamcenter where the right information is given to the right people at the right time.  

Their global team of designers and other product development functions are located in Slovakia, China, and India. The functions feed Teamcenter via integrations and Teamcenter clients. 

After that, bidirectional integration between SWEP’s business systems and Teamcenter makes relevant information available, among other things, for customer offers, procurement decisions, and manufacturing.    

The final product is configured in a product configuration system in accordance with the customer’s requirements. A drawing generator creates product drawings that are shared with the customer and also used by the procurement department for ordering materials.  

When manufacturing is about to start, production receives a configuration number and is granted access to all the information needed to produce exactly the right variant of the product through Teamcenter. Quality and safety, as well as compliance with materials and prints, are ensured by implementing one and the same approach, regardless of the manufacturing location.

Confident with Teamcenter and Nextage as PLM partner 

Teamcenter is a business-critical system, which means that production would be affected in the event of a stoppage. Nextage's support in the event of an incident and its assistance as a consultant for future solutions is appreciated by SWEP.  

Jörgen Andersson is Design Manager at SWEP and has been onboard throughout SWEP’s entire digitalisation journey.  

We have a long history with Nextage as a PLM partner, and we have completed many projects together. Having a partner with a local presence who understands our business and how we work, is important to us.  

Thanks to SWEP’s continuous mindset about PLM and digitization, ever since Teamcenter was implemented in 2008, the system has been constantly developed and refined with different types of integrations and updates.   

Nextage’s Teamcenter data model, NVP, has helped simplify and speed up upgrades and changes and has made SWEP future-proofed as far as implementation of new functionality and system development are concerned.  

"As a next step, we will work with Nextage to integrate our new business system with Teamcenter,” says Jörgen Andersson.  

Jörgen Andersson rounds off with some tips for those who have started working with PDM/PLM.  

Check your data before you get started and clean it. Be careful with the details and have a well-thought-out structure. Break down the project and then decide which steps bring the most value to your business and which steps you want to take first. Absolutely never try to do everything at once.


CAD - Inventor and Catia   

ERP - bidirectional integration between Teamcenter and the business system 


2000: SWEP started working with PDM and digitizing its work processes. 

2008: The existing PDM system was outdated and was unable to support multi-CAD. They needed a new, modern PLM system and the choice was Teamcenter from Siemens Digital Industries.  

2012: NEXTAGE became SWEP’s PLM partner and started refining data models as well as developing the use of Teamcenter.  

Today: SWEP is a mature PLM company that uses Teamcenter to the fullest in order to support its work processes and its global product development and production teams. They are 100% reliable in BOM, which guarantees high quality and fast deliveries.


SWEP works smart in Teamcenter and greatly benefits from the system in the best way. It is great to see the business value Teamcenter adds to SWEP's activities.

Daniel Mohn, Service Director, Nextage

About SWEP 

SWEP optimizes the use of energy, material, and space in heating and cooling systems. We take pride in contributing to a comfortable and sustainable life for people around the world, and a competitive edge for our customers. 

SWEP is a world-leading supplier of soldered plate heat exchangers for heat, cold and ventilation, including other industrial applications. With over 1000 dedicated coworkers, chosen business partners, a global production, sales and engaged service SWEP offer expert knowledge and close collaboration that pushes the limits for a more sustainable future.