Tryckta i Markaryd work with Solid Edge

Tryckta i Markaryd perform the production of sheet metal parts and tools through various methods of forming, welding and after-treatment. In addition, their knowledge and experience comes in handy when they assist their customers with product design, product development and product prototyping

Tryckta i Markaryd is a long-time NEXTAGE partner and design their sheet metal parts and tools in the Solid Edge CAD system.

 Solid Edge is a very comprehensible, versatile and powerful CAD system", says Bengt-Ove Johansson, CEO at Tryckta i Markaryd. "It helps us design products and prototypes efficiently, which leads to shortened time frames and high quality."


 Download a free, 45 days full version Solid Edge trial here. 

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About Tryckta i Markaryd

Tryckta i Markaryd was founded in 1961. They have 40 employees in Markaryd and a customer base of over 500 companies in Sweden and abroad. Learn more about Tryckta i Markaryd at