Working@NEXTAGE - Daniel Mohn

Daniel Mohn is Service Director at NEXTAGE.

As Service Director at NEXTAGE, I plan the work, lead projects and support our consultants. I spend a large part of my working time visiting customers, discussing their businesses and explaining how NEXTAGE can help them.

I have been working with solutions for CAD and PLM since 2007, joining Avalon Innovation in 2012 before the company’s CAD and PLM business operations were separately incorporated in NEXTAGE.

One of the most rewarding assignments I have undertaken at NEXTAGE was an implementation of Teamcenter PLM and NX CAD at a startup company* in Malmö, Sweden. Even before they had furnished their offices, this company decided to invest in product management system support. Our collaboration continues to this day as we discuss further enhancement of their environment. It has been great to follow their success and see how they have brought their product to new markets throughout the world.

Meeting innovative Swedish and Danish companies, seeing their products, and learning their histories and visions for the future is unquestionably the most interesting part of my job.

The diversity of our customers ensures continual opportunities to learn and develop. This job provides opportunities to meet many people working in a wide range of positions. Heading the service team has given me many new insights into leadership and project management.

I am particularly proud of my contribution to the NEXTAGE Value Package (NVP) approach that gives the customer swift, standardised, high quality solutions for PLM and CAD implementation. NVP was designed for our customers with a view to helping them get them up and running very quickly, using a smart solution that supports their R&D work.

The most enjoyable aspect of working at NEXTAGE comes from my skilled, professional colleagues. A good day at work will reveal a solution that brings extra value for a customer or solves a problem that has frustrated them for some time.

*Learn more about Anima and their Kronaby watches here.