Working @NEXTAGE - Johannes Liljenhjerte

Johannes Liljenhjerte is an NX CAD and CAE Consultant at NEXTAGE

Since starting at NEXTAGE in January 2016 I have had a wide range of responsibilities revolving around the comprehensive CAD, CAE and CAM program Siemens NX. 

For instance I configure NX to ensure optimal workflow and develop customized commands to automate tedious work processes. I support our customers remotely or on site to minimize disruptions when they design their products.

Another significant part of my work is to prepare and deliver suitable customer training content and trainings on site or at our offices. In addition to this, I do live demonstrations of relevant functionalities in NX at customer meetings and at company events for supporting the sales team and sharing tips & tricks in NX.

Having contact with numerous customers for support, program configuration and training has helped to develop my business sense, communication skills and understanding of how to foster an environment that is conducive to learning.

After several years of advanced technical studies, it has been an enjoyable challenge to learn and understand the social aspects required of a consultant with substantial involvement in teaching and customer contact.

What I appreciate the most working at NEXTAGE is having great flexibility and variety in my daily work, together with an amazing ease of communication across all levels within the company. While I must show professionalism, authority and integrity as a course leader for people to engage in the training, the office provides an atmosphere where we can readily share knowledge and benefit from the observations of highly skilled colleagues.

Finally, some days provide an opportunity to work from home, where I can be more focused on the different tasks at hand. I personally find this cycle of change in both work and surroundings to be highly motivating.