What is Digital Manufacturing and why should your company implement it?

With Digital Manufacturing solutions you can plan, test, visualise and setup your production processes and plants before you implement them. They also help you with your robot and CNC machine programming. 
After implementation you can:

  • Discover ways to streamline production by running simulations and 3D visualizations.
  • Make informed decisions based on analytics from the solution
  • Collaborate with peers

The solutions NEXTAGE offer provides you with insights and help you work smarter with production. 

How can NEXTAGE help your company with digital manufacturing?


NX is an advanced high-end CAD/CAM/CAE solution from Siemens Digital Industries, which can all be used as stand alone or integrated with each other.

NX CAM is a complete solution for programming of CNC machines and robots. It enables rapid implementation of engineering change orders, high-speed machining, feature-based automation, multi-axis milling, and G-code-based simulation.

NEXTAGE’s experienced consultants help you setup the programming and implement it according to your needs. We provide training and support.

Learn how KB Components, Swerim and SDU works with NX CAM

NX for Manufacturing

NX Computer-Aided Manufacturing, CAM,  helps you execute across the entire CAD/CAM/CNC process chain, to deliver maximum part manufacturing productivity.

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For KB Components
NX CAM is a strategic choice

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innovates using NX CAM/CAD

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With Tecnomatix, from Siemens Digital Industries, you can synchronize product engineering, manufacturing engineering, production and service operations and maximize efficiency in your production and plant. 

NEXTAGE has helped companies implement and start working with Tecnomatix bringing them a lot of value in their production work.


Mads Clausen Institute
use Tecnomatix

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