Employee testimonial

From university PLM and Manufacturing theory to hands-on integrations and implementations

As a PhD student in Computer Systems for Design and Manufacturing at Royal Institute of Technology (KTH), Navid Shariat researched and suggested improvements of work processes and manufacturing lines for large enterprises in Sweden. It was challenging and interesting work but after eight years at the University Navid Shariat was ready for a change.

“I realised that I wanted to put the theory into practise. To be part of something that brings real value for a customer and help them streamline their processes with ready-to-use solutions.”

When Navid read about Nextage in a magazine about digital factory and digital manufacturing he got interested to learn more. The fact that Nextage is a PLM partner and offers a PLM solution based on Teamcenter caught his eye. 

“I am interested in PLM and I like to work in Teamcenter. As a user of Teamcenter at KTH I was impressed with the capabilities of the system. I saw the value it created for us, and could imagine the value it would create for a company, in particular when implemented with Nextage Value Package”, says Navid Shariat.

Navid Shariat decided to send an application to Nextage and shortly met with Nextage’s Technical Director. They had an open discussion about PLM, manufacturing, digitalisation and nearby areas. After a few more meetings where he got to meet additional members of the Nextage team Navid Shariat was presented with a proposal of an employment as PLM specialist in the Services team.

Navid Shariat joined Nextage in August 2017, and was immediately engaged into projects. Navid Shariat has proved to be a great contribution to the Nextage team and has performed advanced integrations and migrations for our customers. 

“From start I felt very welcomed by the Nextage team”, says Navid Shariat. “The knowledge sharing and support I got when I joined the team was crucial for being successful.”

In spring 2018 Navid got his Swedish citizenship which, of course, was celebrated duly with a fika. 

P.S We are looking for CAD, CAM, CAE and PLM Consultant to join our team in Sweden and Denmark. Learn more