Employee testimonial by Per Jannok, Solution Specialist at NEXTAGE

As a Solution Specialist, I'm responsible for driving requirement analysis, proposing design alternatives and suggest best practices. I translate business requirements created by functional analysis into the architecture of our delivered solution and describe this through architecture and design artifacts. The rest of the delivery team can then use those artifacts to implement the solution. Basically, it means my role is to be a bridge between customer requirements and the offered and advice solution.

Since we have a very diverse customer base, no two projects are alike. I get to work with all kinds of clients, each having their unique set of challenges. As a member of a NEXTAGE service and delivery team, I get to work with different aspects of delivering a high-quality solution to our clients. I learn something new every day!

I have to say that the supportive and we-are-in-this-together attitude across NEXTAGE is great. I have a lot of experienced colleagues who I can always ask for advice. And I am proud of being part of a team that can be considered being the vanguard in the industry. My colleagues are really the best in the business. I feel we are on a journey together where I can contribute to our success in many different ways. 

Per Jannok, Solutions Specialist, is based in Stockholm and a member of the Services team. Per had his 1 year work anniversary with NEXTAGE in September 2017.