Teamcenter on the Cloud

Teamcenter on the Cloud

The easy way to PDM/PLM with Teamcenter and Nextage Value Package

Are you looking for PDM/PLM support, and have high standards on system capability, usability, and scalability and at the same time want a smooth implementation project and a cost efficient solution? NVP for Teamcenter on the Cloud is a best practise PDM/PLM solution. It's implemented and configured following a proven project method that includes training and support, and it's run on the cloud. You get started with PLM in 10 days.

Teamcenter on the Cloud provides you with a flexible infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) model where you can instantly deploy Teamcenter on the cloud without waiting for costly hardware to be purchased and delivered on-site. The IaaS financial model allows you to allocate your Teamcenter infrastructure as an operational expense instead of a capital expense. With the IaaS delivery option you get cost-effective access to enterprise-grade IT infrastructure and resources as well as the flexibility to dynamically scale the infrastructure up or down as your business needs change.

Five reasons for chosing Teamcenter on the Cloud

Subscription versus perpetual
If your company prefers OpEx (Operational Expenditure) this is the perfect way of getting the support you need without any investment needed. If you prefer CapEx (Capital Expenditure), we have a solution for that as well and, if wanted, we can also assist you with financial services.

A Subscription License Model means that you get an invoice every month, quarter or year that covers licenses and maintenance. This enables you to start using Teamcenter NVP without any investment since the expenditure is being considered an operational cost. While the Subscription model is considered OpEx you can also choose to invest in licenses  and pay only maintenance on a quarterly or yearly basis. This means that the licenses are CapEx and the maintenance OpEx. Your company’s choice!

Flexible infrastructure on demand
Grow and modify as needed when company evolves.

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Teamcenter subscription license model
Monthly fee including virtual hardware, software, licenses, maintenance, initial solution configuration and support. Additional services may be included depending on the service level.

No on-premises servers
No servers on-premises. Nextage utilizes Amazon cloud services for hosting the Teamcenter server environment.

Reduced infrastructure administration
Infrastructure maintenance and administration is managed by Nextage or Amazon which enables you to minimize IT resources and being cost efficient.


What is included, depending on service level?

Learn more about the different services and what's included. 

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Teamcenter on the Cloud



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Get started with Teamcenter on the Cloud

1. Decide appropriate service level for you company

2. Contact Nextage

3. Create an AWS account with Amazon

4. Attend Teamcenter training workshops

5. Setup client seats

6. Ready!

How to get an Amazon account

Go to Amazon and create your account

1. Provide a valid email address and choose a password

2. Provide your contact information and set your preferences

3. Provide information about your payment method
Provide a phone number you can be reached at within the next few minutes
Type the on-screen phone number onto your phone's keypad

Choose your AWS support plan

Nextage can always assist you in this process to make sure you choose the model needed for your company.