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"Eleven of our employees and consultants developed their NX skills by participating in courses delivered by NEXTAGE. We are very pleased with the course layups and the outcome as we have learnt a lot. I can really recommend NEXTAGE as a training provider."

Martin Widsing, Process Manager, Tooling & Verification, VOLVO Cars
Courses: Designing parts in NX and Product and Manufacturing Information
Software Version Date Course name
NX On demand NX - Intermediate NX Design and Assemblies Read more
NX 2019-08-28 NX - Introduction to NX for Experienced Users Read more
NX On demand NX - Manufacturing Fundamentals Read more
NX 2019-09-02 NX - Fixed-axis and Multi-axis Milling Read more
NX On demand NX - Turning Manufacturing Process Read more
NX On demand NX - Introduction to NX for Experienced Users - Master Class (SET UP AT REQUEST) Read more
NX On demand NX - Basic Design Read more
NX On demand NX - FEM Advanced Simulation Processes Read more
Solid Edge 2019-09-16 SE - Solid Edge Basic Training Read more
Solid Edge 2019-08-26 SE - Solid Edge Basic Sheet Metal Read more
Solid Edge On demand SE - Solid Edge Introduction to Wire Harness Read more
Solid Edge On demand SE - Solid Edge Synchronous Modeling Read more
Teamcenter 2019-10-01 TC - Using Teamcenter Read more
Teamcenter 2019-10-07 TC - Admin Light Read more
Teamcenter 2019-10-09 TC- Admin BMIDE Read more
Teamcenter 2019-10-23 TC - Admin Access ACL Read more
Teamcenter 2019-10-16 TC- Admin Stylesheets Read more
Teamcenter 2019-10-17 TC - Admin Workflows Read more
Teamcenter 2019-10-21 TC - Admin cad connection Read more
Teamcenter 2019-10-22 TC - Admin Query Bulder Read more