NX - FEM Advanced Simulation Processes


Duration: 3 days

The NX FEM Advanced Simulation Processes introduces the finite element modeling and analysis tool integrated in NX. It is intended for design engineers and analysts who want to learn the details of how to do finite element analysis on NX models.

The course covers the details of the FEA processes from model preparation, mesh generation and manipulation, material definition, loads and boundary conditions, FEA model checking and solving, to post-processing the results.

USER LEVEL: Beginner to Intermediate
DURATION: 3 days

PRICE: 14 000 SEK exl. moms


Video content:
0:27 - Physical Properties and Mesh Collectors
0:39 - Meshing 1:10 - Boundary Conditions
1:34 - Part Preparation
2:13 - Mesh Mating
2:23 - Manual Meshing
2:55 - Beam Section
3:07 - Bolt Pre-Load
3:15 - Create Graphs
3:35 - Create Report


Cancellations less than 2 weeks before the start date will be charged with 50 % of the regular course fee. Cancellations later than one week before the course starts will be charged with 100 % of the regular course fee. In the event of too little interest for a particular date, or the unavailability of teacher, course dates or course set may be changed . These changes will be made no later than 5 days before the course starts.

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