NX - Routing Mechanical


The Routing Mechanical course teaches you to utilize the tools used to quickly define piping paths placed around and through other NX assemblies, to assign NPS stock to these paths, and to qualify and place standard parts (for example, flanges valves, and pipe tees). These subassemblies typically define the systems that provide process piping, disposal of waste, and structural support. The course also includes a section on developing logical diagrams.

USER LEVEL: Beginner to Intermediate
DURATION: 2 days

Video content:
0:05 - Fitting Port and Multi Port
0:25 - Fixture
0:33 - Built-in Path
0:43 - Place Part
1:04 - Spline Path
1:19 - Edit Path
1:30 - Create Connection
1:37 - Deformable Wire
1:51 - Auto Route
1:57 - Create Terminals
2:11 - Overstock
2:22 - Stock Filler
2:30 - Formboard


Cancellations less than 2 weeks before the start date will be charged with 50 % of the regular course fee. Cancellations later than one week before the course starts will be charged with 100 % of the regular course fee. In the event of too little interest for a particular date, or the unavailability of teacher, course dates or course set may be changed . These changes will be made no later than 5 days before the course starts.

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